All of us have been through those tough moments when, after putting in many hours on a document the system or the application program suddenly collapses and leaves your document damaged or inaccessible. Sometimes the system will announce the error, sometimes it crash and fail completely. All of these unpleasant situations can lead into the loss of your data.

Symptoms of Data Loss

  • File cannot be opened or is damaged
  • Computer will not start up (sometimes can be followed by the screen message “Missing operating system,” etc.)
  • The system freezes while trying to open files
  • Directory´s content is corrupt, documents are corrupted
  • Computer makes unusual sounds
  • Computer cannot “find” the hard disk
  • Files cannot be accessed and/or copied
  • CDs (DVDs) cannot be read or copied
  • Memory card is unreadable or seems to be unformatted

In principle, you can consider your data as lost any time you cannot access it.

You can find the detailed description first steps to recovery data here.